Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ya think?

Sometimes drives are more, let's say, challenging than others. In our line of work (doing art shows for living) people drive a lot and to a lot of different places. We always say to people, "Have an uneventful drive home" at the end of the show after our vans are all packed and we're saying our 'goodbyes'.
We had an eventful drive home from our wholesale show "The Buyers Market of American Craft". The show was over at 3:00 in the afternoon and we broke down the booth, loaded up the car, went into the Asian District for Vietnamese food and then got on the road. We were headed to Johnstown PA to stay the night with our dear, dear friends and fellow artists, Terry & Mark Smith of Wild Ravens. Check out their website. . On the way we drove right into a snow storm. Finally when we were down to about 10 ft. of visibility in front of the car and we knew that we had nothing but PA mountains in front of us I got onto the smart phone and looked for the closest hotel. There was one hotel ahead of us right off the next exit about two miles ahead and it had good reviews. Thank you google maps. I called and they had one room left. We took it.
Sometimes you luck out. We got to stay in this totally sweet place (The Kenmar Motel, somewhere about two hours outside of Philly heading West off the turnpike in the mountains). The hotel is owned by an elder couple who live right there. The outside is flooded with pink lighting and it looked quite charming in the snow.

Thankfully I had borrowed Xan's snow boots before we left Paducah.

This is Michael in the morning scraping of Molly (our van).

To make the whole stay worthwhile (especially to miss out on seeing Terry & Mark) the owner made us blueberry waffles for breakfast. This was eventful.
Forget the snow, the lack of visibility, the self pity of not seeing dear extended family. We got pampered by a nice woman who looked us in the eyes and asked if we would like a blueberry waffle before getting on the road. Ya think?

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