Friday, December 2, 2011

...full healthy capacity

There is another show that should be before this but...I've got a video that goes with it and the video is on Michael's computer (it's complicated and I really look forward to getting a new computer!!!). Anyway this was our last show and the show before that will be posted sometime this week with a video of Michael competing in the Clay Olympics. How fun is that?! So hear about Lousianna.....
This past month we've been feeling a little rundown. With the Uncommon Goods order and our full show schedule it's been kinda tough but we still need to keep up the momentum until the last show. Then we can collapse.
Or so I thought.
Michael and I both came down with colds and got into this cycle of feeling a bit better then going off to a show, coming home feeling really crummy, then feeling a bit better, then going off to a get the point.
We headed off to Covington, LA for the Covington Three Rivers Art Festival. This is a show that we did 2 years ago, did really well at and then didn't get into last year. Go figure. When Michael got in this year we were excited. Sick and excited.
We really like doing shows in LA. For us LA has good ju-ju and food. Don't forget the shrimp!
This year we requested to be next to a friend of ours Peg Martinez (Square Peg) who makes beautiful wooden boxes. It was great to be her neighbor and to catch up with her since we first met her in March in Fairhope, AL. Other than that we were pretty low key because of our lingering viruses. Lucky us.
Across the street from our booth was a cemetery and I went over and took some pictures:

Here are all the angels. Ya just can't beat a cemetery in LA. You can see the rest of the pictures that I took by going to my facebook album.
Behind our booth was a farmer's market. I went over and bought fresh local satsumas (the best ever!) and fresh in-the-shell pecans (when I got home I shelled them while sipping tea with my friend Stefanie). And speaking of shrimp...Michael and I stopped at a seafood market on our way out of town and bought fresh shrimp (many pounds worth and really big!) and tilapia, and grouper, and tuna, and then the cooler was full.
Looking forward to next year and being at the show in full healthy capacity.