Tuesday, May 24, 2011

...full of lots of cherished visiting.

Silver Spring, MD is quite a hike for us. This was a very special trip for us because we got to stay with very dear family friends in Bethesda, MD. When we were based out of Saratoga Springs, NY we would see our friends, Suzi & Barry Hoffman, often but since our move to Paducah we don't get to see them as much.
We needed a Hoffman fix so I booked whatever show in that area that would work into our show schedule. (Yes, sometimes that is all the motivation you need to find a show.) That's how we ended up at the Downtown Silver Spring Fine Arts Festival.
This trip we added on some extra time so that we could do things like enjoying Barry's matzoh brie.
It was so 'Oh my god' yummy!!
The show was fun. We had two surprises.
One was from Alonzo Davis who owns a studio here in LowerTown but lives near Silver Spring. He came by our booth and said hello. That was sweet.
And the other surprise was when someone came into our booth and told us that they just met the other artist from Paducah that was up the street. "What other artist?" I thought. So I trekked up the road and to our mutual surprise it was another artist from Paducah...
It was Kevin Myers. We've met Kevin many times and it was so much fun to see him at a show! Kevin does some amazing fresco work. He had just done a show in VA the weekend before and so he picked up this show to do before heading back home. (We art show folk will do that a lot. We'll try to find shows in the same general area and spend a week or two out there and then head home.) We had dinner together after breaking down on Sunday evening. Here are some pictures of his frescoes that were in his booth.

I really like his work. You can check out his website by clicking here.
There's one more thing about our weekend that I need to share with you. It's this bug:
He was hanging out on our extension cord one day. He was so amazing looking that I had to take his picture. Don't know what he was but I found him fascinating.
Oh (okay just one 'one more' thing) and this was our first road trip that we took with our dog, Nestle. She did great in the car! She didn't even complain when we stopped in Lexington on the way home and loaded up the car with 1000 lbs. of clay that she had to sit on for the rest of the trip. Oh what a fantastic dog we have!
It was a great weekend full of lots of cherished visiting.

...I'm too honest for that.

Oops it's been a while. Michael and I both got Spring colds and with all the rain, rain, rain, and more rain around here we've had our hands full. I'm happy to report that we are both feeling much better these days and our neighborhood survived all the flooding.
Since our last blog we have done a few shows....
4 Bridges in Chattanooga, TN:
We got to stay with some wonderful friends and Michael flew out that weekend to NYC to go to a Memorial for an Uncle of his that had passed away the previous summer. It was a hectic and complicated weekend with Michael not being able to fly out Sunday morning as planned. He arrived with the van just in time to load it with all our stuff on Sunday evening. Thus no pics for the weekend. I was too busy manning the booth.
OMB Magic City in Birmingham, AL:
Michael went down and did that one solo because it was Quilt Week here in Paducah and we had our apartment rented out. That show was the weekend after the big tornado and we had mixed feelings about going down to a city that was in the middle of crisis. But we had already paid for the booth and the hotel and the show was still on. So off he went with some boxes of clothes and shoes that we gathered to take down to the emergency shelters. Go figure...it was our best show so far this year! We were stunned. Michael had a great weekend. We guess that folks needed a good distraction and they got it. Michael's work was met with great enthusiasm. Thank you Birmingham!!
My next post will be all about the next show we did in Silver Spring, MD.
Sorry for the lapse. I wish I could promise you that it won't happen again but I'm too honest for that.