Tuesday, March 29, 2011

...full of many kinds of abundance.

Our last show was The Outdoor Art Show in Fairhope, AL.
We made some money. Good!
We got to walk on the beach. Even Better! (CLICK HERE for pictures of us on the beach.)
We had a terrific neighbor. Fantastic!
We got to visit with our friend Daryl. Super!
And the weather was warm, hot even. The bestest of all!!!
If you read my previous post. You did, didn't you? If not then stop reading this one right now and start reading the one below.
Okay, now that you are back.
Our show in Fairhope was sweet, to say the least. We got to be surprised by castles down the street. (See? Now that you read the blog below you know all about what I'm talkin' about.) And we had the most fun with our neighbor and wood artist, Peg Martinez.

Having a delightful neighbor is a joy. And boy did we have a joyous weekend! We laughed. We joshed each other. We told each other stories. Not only is Peg a very talented wood artist she is also a marathon runner. She set a goal for herself to run a marathon in every state. She only has 9 states left to go. "Whew" I say while wiping my brow. Debbie, Peg's partner, had me engaged in the most intense story about their experiences after Hurricane Katrina. Peg & Debbie live in New Orleans (obviously). We would be sitting on our chairs outside our booths with our heads together, Debbie telling me about men with guns and animals having to be left behind. Then someone would come into one of our booths and we would have to go and take care of business. Then it was back to our chairs so I could find out what happened next. Peg must have said, "Are you still telling her that story?!" about half a dozen times throughout the day. Yes, Yes, Yes she was telling me that story. I ate it up like a bar of good chocolate. Ah what great neighbors!
CLICK HERE to see Peg's website.
These are some of the boxes that Peg makes:

And she won a prize to boot!

Peg is new to the show circuit. Way to go Peg!!! 
Other than the beach and our great neighbors we got to see our friend Daryl. We adore Daryl and it's always a treat to meet up with her at a show. Daryl is from New England, like me, and she now lives in Louisiana with her boyfriend Kevin. She is one of these artists that divides up shows with their partner/collaborator. So Kevin was off at another show in somewhere, USA. We all went out to dinner; Daryl, great neighbors, another friend of Daryl's and us. Look at my pictures on my facebook page. You can see the sunset over Mobile Bay and the picture that I took of the Super Moon. I sent a picture of all of us at the table to Kevin assuring him that we were having no fun without him. I lied.
Daryl was in another show that butted right up against the show that we were in. Together they make one HUGE show and you really couldn't tell where one started and the other began. I walked up several blocks in the sun (the glorious sun!) so that I could take some pictures of Daryl's work for you.
This is Daryl. Here's a tid-bit about Daryl....She's an amazing dancer! One of these days I'm going to stay at her house in LA and we're going to do nothing but dance to Zydeco music. She'll have to teach clumsy ole me. It'll be fun.
This is Daryl's lovely work.

Yeah, she's another clay person. We like clay people. CLICK HERE to see Daryl's facebook page.
It was a great weekend full of many kinds of abundance.

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