Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We always look forward to Philly.

I'm sitting in the car catching up on the posts for our new blog. This is it folks. The much romanticized and dreamed about life of a working artist family. We get to do things like hook up our computers to the cigarette lighter in our 15 passenger van and hope for some sort of free wifi in the shopping plaza in somewhere TX where we are at a show. But I get ahead of myself. Let's go back a couple of weeks to Philadelphia.
We really like Philadelphia.
We are there at least once a year for The Buyers Market of American Craft. It's a wholesale show (the only one that we do) and we in the biz call it 'The Rosen Show' because Wendy Rosen is the promoter. We look forward to this show. We've been doing it for 5 or so years now and we've got fellow friend artists that we get to see, good restaurants (the PA Convention Center is right next to the Asian District) to eat at, and really nice gallery and gift shop owners that we get to meet (and sell to *grin*).
For the past two years we have set up right next to our good buds from 'Mudpuppy Pottery'. Doing this show is particularly fun because the show is laid out by medium. That means that everyone in our aisle does clay. It's quite cool to be surrounded by your peers and we all have a good time. If there is anything I've learned in the past twelve years is that clay people are more often then not FRIENDLY FOLK and they love to talk about glazes. But I regress. This is Adam who works at Mudpuppy. He makes us laugh all day long:

And this is Peter Lippincott who is 'Mudpuppy'.

We were in the car going to a an Ethiopian restaurant for dinner. We love these guys dearly and we always have a lot of fun being their neighbors.
Here's Michael being goofy.

This is all of us at dinner together at our favorite Ethiopian restaurant.

While we were in Philly I went to a place called The Magic Gardens of Philadelphia. It is mosaic work done by Isaiah Zagar. Click here to see the photo album that is on my facebook page.
We always look forward to Philly.

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