Sunday, March 27, 2011

... a very sweet surprise.

Many times when we are at shows we will happen upon something that is a totally sweet and unexpected surprise. This happened to us last weekend while we were at The Outdoor Art Show in Fairhope, AL.
Our booth was not in the best location. It was one of those shows that you don't know where your booth is until you check in. We checked in. We walked to our booth location. We walked back to the 'check in' and asked if we could move our booth to a more central spot.
They said, 'no'.
We said, 'allrighty then'.
And that was that.
We set up our booth and as we were setting up we hoped for the best. Having your booth off the beaten path of the flow of foot traffic can, a lot of times, be such a drag. In other words, if the show is set up along a main street and your booth is on a side street you just might have a terrible show. There goes the mortgage money down the drain.
It turns out that we were indeed not in the best location BUT we had a good show. There were enough people walking down our side street that liked Michael's work and we sold quite a bit.
If we had moved our booth to a new location on that first night we most likely would have never seen this....
This was way, way down at the end of our street. We could see it in the distance. I thought there was a park down there and it was a sign for the park. Then on the last day of the show we went to park down there so that our van would be close by for when we load out. It wasn't a park at all it was these two castles:

The first castle  was built by Craig Sheldon and the second castle is being built by his daughter and son-in-law, Pagan & Dean Mosher.
Dean is a very warm and engaging person. He's an historical painter. CLICK HERE to see Dean's website.
He and Pagan collect iron stone off the beaches of Mobile Bay and they use it to mosaic their house. Just like Dean's father-in-law did. Dean was so gracious and he let me walk around their property and take some pictures of their castle:
This is the bridge that leads up to their castle.
And these are some pictures of around the castle:

This is a gypsy caravan that was Dean's daughter's playhouse:

This is what a wall looks like before the iron stone is added:
CLICK HERE to see the website about the castles.
What a treat! Dean and Pagan were so very charming. I was walking around taking pictures and Pagan was out on the lawn spray painting fabric that was to be part of a dragon costume. Pagan owns a dance studio in Fairhope. CLICK HERE to see her website.
Thank you Dean and Pagan! It was truly a pleasure to meet you both and to have the opportunity to visit your lovely home!
So many times in life we happen upon the unexpected.
So many times what seems to be the wrong location can turn itself around and become just the right place to be to stumble upon a very sweet surprise.

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  1. It is part of what makes what we do so rich! When do they find the time, that's what I want to know!