Friday, March 11, 2011

A toast to the new kid on the block.

Last weekend we were in Frisco, TX. We've been 'hot to trot' to try a show in Texas since our move to Paducah, KY. We hear good things about shows in that huge state and now we can actually drive there in a day.
So, I booked a show.
Art On The Square.
I can't tell you how many shows there are that are called that.
Mostly we wanted to get our butts there so that we could network. I had called a friend of ours who had done the show last year and she told me emphatically to, "Stay away!". So I went into the show thinking that it was going to be (what I call) a 'throw-away' show. Mostly those are shows that we think that we aren't going to do well at but we usually have another agenda (other than mortgage money) for being there. Like visiting someone, or wanting to be there so we can network. This was our 'networking' show. I was determined to meet as many of the artists that live in Texas that I could and pick their brains about good shows in their fine state that aren't heavily advertised in our trade magazines. These are small shows that people usually do well at and the booth fees don't usually cost you an arm and leg. We like those shows.
It turns out that not only did I get to network myself silly but we had a decent show. What a welcome surprise. We walked away thinking that we'd like to do that show again. Go Frisco!
At the show we met Sally. Sally is so adorable!

And she makes these:

Can you guess what they are?

Duh. Yes it is a chicken. (And, oh my, I love these chickens!)
They are footstools.
Unless you are like this little girl and you're convinced that this is a ride....

These are the most playful and whimisical footstools I have ever seen. They are hand-felted wool with brass feet. If you touch their heads they will slightly bobble up and down for you. I LOVE THESE CHICKENS! They have been Victoria tested and approved.
Check out Sally's website at The City Girl Farm. Click Here to go to her blog.
Sally also won first place in the 3D Mixed Media category.
It is so refreshing to see new and young faces at our art shows.
A big warm welcome Sally!
We wish her great fun and good fortune in all her endeavors. And we are excited to see what she will come up with next.
A toast to the new kid on the block!


  1. Chicken Sally! I predict that Oprah or someone equally 'big' (sorry about that O) will see these and make her an instant star! Love the Chickens! Love the Sally!

  2. This is too much! Somehow I can't imagine a chicken footstool in my livingroom. But kitties would love it....after they got over their hissie fits.