Monday, November 21, 2011 Audubon Park every year.

Most shows that we do are fun. We enjoy what we do for a living and we like to travel.
The Pink Palace Crafts Fair is a very fun show for us because a lot of our 'clay' friends are also at this show. It's a good show to sell ceramics at. The fair is in Audubon Park in Memphis. It's a long show, 4 days. It's dusty, we've got to wipe everything off before packing up. But we really like it. Fun factor for this one is high!
This year we had brought some bottles of wine with us and every day around 5 our buddies would come over to our booth with their ceramic goblets (they are potters you know) and we'd crack open a bottle and have a glass of wine together. It's a very social show for us.
In our studio I'm starting a project called "The Wall Of Flame". It's a collage of all of our 'clay' friends that I'm creating on one of the walls of Michael's studio.
Here are some of our 'clay' friends from The Pink Palace show:
This is Peter of Mudpuppy Pottery.
His studio potter, Adam:

John Sellberg; who won a Merit Award, by the way. Go John!
And Jeff of Daaman Porcelain Jewelry.
Thanks for all the great laughs and photos guys! We'll see you again next year.
Did you know that Memphis is a major distribution center. Every day we would pass this on our way to and from the show...
Miles of these containers and these big contraptions that move them around. It reminded me of the port of Seattle and all of the shipping containers just like the ones above that were getting moved around to put on freighters. I called this "the land port".  It truly was an awesome sight right in the middle of nowhere.
We really like Memphis and it's like old home week in Audubon Park every year.

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