Wednesday, November 9, 2011

...another summer with EM Events.

Well here it is. Here is my first 'socking' of the season. It happened at the 'West End Art Festival' in September. That one was up near Chicago.
Of course, like so many other shows that we did this summer it rained.
And it rained some more. I sent Michael back to the hotel for Sunday afternoon so that he could do some sculpting. Yeah he always brings his tools and clay with him to every show.  So I got to stay at the show in my socks and watch the rain.
What was really sweet about that Sunday is our good friend, Martha Enzler, won an award. Here are some pictures of her and her work.
Yay martha!!!

If you follow this blog you will have seen her picture here before. We loves Martha and her tiles.
This summer we tried a bunch of new shows with a new (to us) promoter, Erin Melloy. We were genuinely impressed and really look forward to another summer with EM Events.

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