Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm sure on that.

Sometimes when we are driving home from a show (usually on a Monday) it's just the same ol', same ol'. We listen to a book on tape, we chat, we take turns driving and I always end up falling asleep at some point (in the passenger seat, of course). Sometimes we stray from the norm and end up doing something extraordinary. Our drive home from the Edina Art Fair aired on the edge of the 'something extraordinary' kind of drive.
Our friend, Martha, told us about this funky antique/really cool stuff place that is right outside of Minneapolis. On the way up to show we had passed this place that had old cars and stuff that Michael could see from the road. If you're thinking that at this point in the drive that I was fast asleep in the passenger seat...You're right. I must have been in a deep snooze because I don't remember seeing anything like that.
Sometime during the weekend Michael was talking to Martha and her boyfriend about all the stuff he saw from the road and they told him that we just had to stop and take a look. That's how we ended up at Hot Sam's in Lakeville, MN.

This is what we saw as we were driving up the long driveway.....

And yes! In the top picture that is an airplane stuck in the ground. We knew right away that this was out kind of place!
This is what awaited us at the top of the drive...
This is the antique store and some of the out-buildings...

Every out-building is jam packed with stuff to purchase. Michael bought 4 wooden antique folding chairs for us to use at home. 
We spent at least an hour walking around and chatting with the owner's girlfriend. Apparently the owner travels around and collects all the outside treasures and his late mother was the antique dealer.
So the next time you are in the Minneapolis vicinity, particularly if you are in Lakeville, MN find Hot Sam's Antiques and Furniture. You won't be disappointed. I'm sure on that.

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