Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cheers Y'All.

Our last show was at Francisco's Farm in Midway, KY.

This year the show moved from the grounds of Midway College to Equus Run Vineyards. It was a bucolic setting amongst the grapevines. 

Each show that we do has it's own unique personality and energy about it. Francisco's Farm feels like an old friend; all warm and comfy. It's not our best show of the year but we keep coming back because the promoter makes all us vendors (artists) feel like a special relative. All the volunteers are friendly and helpful and Marcie (the director) is always attentive. It's a show where there are a lot of artists from our region so it feels like 'old home week' all packed into two days. It's a fun show to be at. 
There is always something special about each show. Something that happens outside of our selling that I find intriguing and I want to share with you. This weekend it was all about the bartering. For years Michael has been bartering other potters for mugs. We must have around two hundred mugs at our house that we have in use. It brings us great joy to open up the cabinet and pick out just the right mug to use. At any time we can summon up the image of our friend the potter while we are drinking from a mug that they made. It makes every day special. Just about a month ago I decided that I wanted to pack up all of my Royal Worcester china and start collecting plates from other potters. So we have started looking at plates at shows and bartering. Here are two plates that we got at this show:
Many thanks to Knox Steinbrecher and to John Sellberg for their contributions to our budding collection of dinner plates. We also bartered with Kotah Moon for this fabulous metal sculpture:
Thanks Kotah! She is going to be perfect in our newly landscaped backyard. 
At this show we started soliciting potters for bowl donations for the Empty Bowls Project of Paducah. Look at all the bowls we got:

Woo Hoo for us and all our booty!
We had dinner with our friends Kotah & Suzy Moon and Kevin Myers at a Midway institution called Wallace Station. Wallace Station was the stagecoach stop between Frankfort and Lexington. Now the building is a bakery and deli. The have amazing sandwiches! Right Suzy?
We had a real unexpected surprise by seeing some other friends of ours that weren't in the show but they were doing something with some store in downtown Midway. It was heartwarming to see Josie and Mark of Mayapple Creations:
We found out that Josie is pregnant. Oh what beautiful parents these two are going to be!
It was such a fun weekend with good friends, great artwork and even some local micro-brewed bourbon barrel aged beer thrown in for good measure.
Cheers Y'All.

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  1. Your blog, work, and website are all amazing, I've just had a lovely time looking over it all! I enjoyed seeing your work at Francisco's Farm and now really regret not giving in to my temptation to buy a special piece. I'm bookmarking your site, and will be ordering if I don't end up seeing you at another show. Thanks for sharing!